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Baseball Collectible Basics

To fickle fans, one baseball collectible isn’t like another. There’s a big difference between owning a Mickey Mantle player’s card and one with Derek Jeter’s autograph on it. Fans of the game aren’t the only ones amassing baseball collectibles – the practice has a wide audience because the memorabilia is also a good financial investment and treasure to be passed down to your heirs. Don’t let price affect your decision to start accumulating baseball colle...


Tips for the Savvy Sports Collector

Will you want to choose only one category to begin collecting your sports memorabilia? If so, learn it, research it, and invest in it wisely. Did you know that trading cards have to be graded? It's one of the important facts you would do well to know as a potential collector of authentic, valuable sports items. Collectibles fraud is a terrible thing for someone to endure. If you've been saving a special item or items for years, waiting on just the right moment to cash in on your investment, and one day...


The Value of Sports Memorabilia Appraisals

When you invest in sports memorabilia, you often don't realize how much the value can climb by the time you choose to sell. Likewise, it could decrease in value as well. Appraisal is a must for the serious sports collector. People have been sorely disappointed because they didn't get their items appraised for value and then sold them for a fraction of their worth. Besides the importance of appraisals for resale value, you may want to seriously consider having your valuable insured. Insurance companies ...


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